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15 Extremely Skinny Models Who Were Told They Were Too Fat

In the real world, people may not pay much attention to how someone looks in shape as long as it doesn’t infringe on other people’s lifestyle. However, the fashion world is a lot more different and demanding!
To make any headway, you have to keep fit and be in shape at all times. Those who have eating disorders (eating too little or too much) have had to struggle with life in the industry.
Our society has changed over time and models today are seen as hot and fit only when they are slender or skinny. Even with the fight for body acceptance, things have continued to dwindle as more and more people are inclined to the models with fewer numbers on the scale.
There are models who were once called ‘too fat’ even when they thought they were extremely skinny! Funny right? Below is a list of 15 of such models.

Cara Delevigne

Cara Delevigne


Cara shot into the limelight in 2009 when she signed for Storm Model Management at the age of 17, Cara has gone on to be an iconic supermodel. Her first big payment came when she signed with Burberry during their spring/summer campaign way back in 2011.
She now focuses on her career as an actress and is not much into modeling anymore. When she was interviewed by WSJ Magazine, she gave the reason why she hasn’t been involved in modeling in a long time saying that she is “sick and tired of people’s unrealistic weight expectations. I often get calls and people telling me I party too much and I am getting ‘too fat’ for my profession.”
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