15 Fashion Trends From The Past That Are Still Popular

Charles Frederick Worth is known as the father of fashion. It was him who, in 1858, was the first designer to sew his label on the inside of the clothing garments that he created. In over 160 years, fashion has changed so many times and the industry exploded with designers, brands, and trends marketed by celebrities.

If we think of Jane Fonda’s exercise videos in the eighties, we think of Spandex and leg warmers. Nearly every women across the globe who wanted to work up a sweat, adopted the Fonda look, while today we may look back and realize those aerobic outfits made one look like a bright little sausage and should only be worn by superheroes. Leg warmers were initially worn by dancers and ballerinas to prevent cramping (today we would use compression socks), but they were adopted as fashionable even beyond the gym.

What a relief that fashion changes and leg warmers are a thing of the past. Trends exist through different cycles as people’s tastes and needs alter. Typically, a fashion trend (think of the big shoulder pads) will go through give stages – its introduction, rise in popularity, hits its culmination, then starts its decline till it is obsolete and considered unfashionable.

Let’s look at 15 fashion trends from the past that haven’t come close to dying out and are still very popular today!

1. Leather Jackets


First worn by aviators in the 1900s, this garment gained iconic status as a fashion accessory since the fifties and is still regarded as a highly fashionable item today. This trend was popularized by Hollywood stars such as Harrison Ford (Indiana Jones), John Travolta (Grease), Tom Cruise (Top Gun)… These celebs have proven it’s very cool to be seen in a leather jacket.

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