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15 Most Expensive Handbags Currently on Sale

A handbag is an accessory that is as important as a lady’s makeup. People often wonder why women invest so much in handbags that seldom hold anything substantial. Some handbags are quite large while some could pass for a purse.

However, a really high-quality handbag gives a woman an extra confidence and organization as no other accessory she must have added to her outfit. There are lots of brands of handbags that fits every lady’s financial capability. However, the more classy ladies tend to go for the more expensive products that speak a lot about their personality and gives off an elegant look.

We have compiled a list of most expensive handbags that are on sale currently and here they are!

The Mouawad’s 10001 Night Diamond Purse

The Mouawad's 10001 Night Diamond Purse

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Mouawad is a company that makes jewelry and watches. The company often source for gemstones which is an integral part of their products. This purse is embedded with 4,517 diamonds of which 105 are yellow colored, 56 are pink and the rest are colorless.
Guinness World records, in 2010, declared this purse as the most expensive purse in the world ($3.8million) although there hasn’t been any info if it has been purchased by any individual.

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