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15 Most Hilarious Red Carpet Hair and Makeup Moments of All Times

When imaging celebrities walking the red carpet it’s easy to get lost in romantic visions of sophisticated glamour and glitz. However, whether deliberate or not, there are some hair and makeup moments that hit the headlines for their humorous value more than haute couture.

Sometimes it’s a matter of deliberate design, just the ‘look’ of the times, or for performance art. For others, similar to a wardrobe malfunction, the hair and makeup didn’t make the grade on the day. Here are 15 hilarious hair and makeup moments and a touch of dry humour to make you laugh.

Gaga Glamour Gig

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In 2013 Glamour Magazine named Lady Gaga the Woman of the Year, and not just for her success in music. Her Born This Way Foundation collaboration with Harvard University was launched to help younger people coping with feeling different. This is Gaga at the Award Ceremony – seriously, she could have done her hair!

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