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15 Most Popular Fashion Influencers

First off, what is a fashion influencer? It’s someone (usually a hot celebrity) who has a significant amount of social media followers. They promote and create fashion content to influence consumers on their purchasing behavior. Well-known personalities endorse product brands, not only online but also through active engagement while having some impact in the fashion industry as well.

Initially, we had fashion bloggers, who would promote via a website but getting traffic to the website is another marketing challenge all in itself. With the rise of social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, it became easier to reach a lot of people, quicker. Fashionistas suddenly had a bigger audience and could develop closer relationships with their followers (i.e. their readers).

According to Forbes, top fashion influencers reached 23,3 million people through Instagram (as a combined total) while the fashion industry dominates this platform by over 60%, which is a considerable market share. Fashion really is a multi-billion dollar industry.

So, who are these top-earning, top-performing fashion influencers?

1. Chiara Ferragni


This 31-year old Italian is one of the most powerful fashion influencers today. She started her fashion blog in 2009 and by 2011, she was winning awards in the fashion industry. Ferragni has been a model for Guess, collaborated with Steve Madden, had various high-profile public appearances and starred in Project Runway. She has an impressive resume and certainly someone to take seriously in the fashion industry.

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