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15 Older Models Who Are Absolutely Beautiful

For all we know, modeling careers blossom when the models are at their peak and that’s in their 20s. It takes something special to still be in business when one is beyond thirty years of age. However, there are a few outstanding models that have defied the odds and enjoyed a lasting modeling career even when they are way beyond their peak.

They have held down their own in the industry simply because of their view on life and their ageless beauty!
They have shown the modeling and beauty world that you can be far gone age wise but still as beautiful as a peach!
We have compiled a list of about 15 of such women. Enjoy.

1. Daphne Selfe

Daphne Selfe

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At ninety years of age, this model is still in the business! Daphne Selfe was born and bred in London. She developed a love for modeling when she was just 21 and her passion saw her win the competition organized by a local magazine for a cover girl. Immediately after that, she enrolled with the Gaby Young Agency and went through the training process of what turned out to be a long modeling career.

She is considered as the oldest professional model in the world and accrues her long-lasting beauty to ‘allowing the feeling of confidence and beauty flow through her.’

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