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15 Stylish Brands That Celebrities Love

Celebrities, who are always in the spotlight, need to look good most of the time. You or I could get away with wearing something uncool and cheap because nobody is going to really take any notice. Unless of course you are Charlize Theron, then people are going to care what you wear. And they will write about it ad-nauseam and have 100 photos from different angles, analyzing, and critiquing your choice in outfit.

However, celebrities need to (and are allowed to) take a break from the suits, dresses, heels, and designer wear. They still need to look good in case the paparazzi are hiding around the next corner but without the glamour. There are fashion brands out there, worn by superstars that are affordable to the average Joe too.

If you want to look like a superstar but you don’t have the superstar salary, you can still take a few tips from those who always look cool yet wear affordable brands too.

1. Converse


The Converse Sneaker is quite a hit among the celebrities – perhaps everyone in Hollywood really does own a pair. It’s quite common to see snapshots of stars in casual attire, wearing these particular sneakers. Selena Gomez, Kirsten Stewart, Lady Gaga, Madonna, and Rihanna are proud supporters of this brand and the bonus for us is that it’s affordable at $50 a pair.

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