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15 Things Melania Trump Was Trying to tell Us With Her Outfits

Unlike Michelle Obama and the other first ladies before her, Melania Trump seems to take a more passive role in the happenings of the White House. The former model is however not without a voice. It seems she chooses to make her statements through her outfits. She has decided to be seen, and not heard, but the message is still loud and clear for those who will pay attention to her dressing. Here are 15 things Melania Trump was trying to tell us with her outfits. Number 3 was a killer!

15. She is a no-nonsense woman

When the then future first lady came onto the public scene in 2004, her wardrobe was said to be filled with Levi’s jeans, Marc Jacobs sweaters, and lots of relaxed, casual wear. This is quite a stark contrast to the Melania we know now. On inauguration day, she wore a shawl collar-esque, powder-blue skirt suit by Ralph Lauren, with matching tonal gloves and high heels to complete the look. This outfit set the mood for the no-nonsense style that would characterise her later outfits.

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  • She looks very young for Trump but you know what they suit each others they are both high minded people