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15 Times Madonna’s Wardrobe Blew Our Minds

WHITE MADONNA, as the American pop-star is seldom called, burst into fame in the early eighties. She stole the show with her sultry songs, most times explicit lyrics, deep, dark musical ideas, unique voice and a mind-blowing wardrobe! When she came on board, she had a signature style: a collection of clothes that looked much like some rags from the thrift shop but arranged artistically with an appealing effect. She could be mostly seen in conical bras (designed by Gaultier), a few religious epiphanies and she never fails to show up with a few touches of English rose in every outfit (her love for those though).

Just like chameleons, the face of fashion changes, and Madonna’s wardrobe has always changed with the trends keeping us in constant awe. Let us travel back in time and see 15 occasions where her wardrobe collection totally blew our minds!

VMA Awards 1984

Madonna VMA Award 1984


Quite some time ago but Madonna stuck her wardrobe ideas into the hearts of her lovers and fans with her wedding-dress outfit! The outfit was said to be inspired by the song she planned to entertain the crowd with, “Like a Virgin.” Although the performance that night wasn’t one of her best, the choice of outfit had constantly raised eyebrows.

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