15 Weirdest Swimsuits on Planet Earth

Asides’ going on a date at a 5-star restaurant, going to the beach is worth every single effort put into it. You are sure to meet different gorgeous looking males and females with their gorgeous bodies and there is one thing you must not ignore when going to the beach to have fun – your swimsuit!

There are different kinds and qualities of swimsuits available. We have been opportune to see those with conventional designs, as well as those that look totally weird!

Despite being weird, the individuals donning them, however, look quite comfortable in them.

Below is a list of 15 of the weirdest swimsuits that you can find on the planet earth at the moment.



Man-kini swimsuit


First seen when it was rocked by Baron Cohen in Borate, this swimsuit had tongues wagging and bodies rolling on the floor with laughter. The swimsuit is made of a hairy fabric and the chest part has hairs. This swimsuit will take some serious level of boldness before someone can wear it.

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