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15 Controversial Clothing Items That Were Pulled From Stores

At some point in time, clothing brands have come up with some weird items and ideas which has either been waved off or been the cause of controversy. We are however concerned with the controversy.

Some clothing items have made terrible impressions that have returned backlash to the manufacturers. Although some were not perceived as intentional, others were seen as the manufacturers’ plan to force out funds with the fuss.

Below is a list of 15 controversy-riddled clothing items pulled from stores.

1. The H&M Sweatshirt

The H&M Sweatshirt

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This H&M sweatshirt has these words boldly written on it – “Coolest Monkey in the Jungle.” That wasn’t the cause of the fuss. The ad for the sweatshirt was done with a black child and perceived as ‘racist.’ In January 2018, after intense backlash from anti-racists, H&M apologized and hid the item from their website although many believed the brand did the act on purpose because everyone knows that ‘monkey’ is a racist insult.

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